THE DIAMOND CD (2005 Hybrid Recordings - OUT OF PRINT)

THE DIAMOND CD (2005 Hybrid Recordings - OUT OF PRINT)

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The Diamond CD:

  • Out of print 2005 CD release on Hybrid Recordings
  • Urchin's 2nd full length album
  • Produced by Adam Schlesinger
  • Mixed By Chris Shaw
  • Featuring guest guitar by James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins) and Jay Jay French (Twisted Sister)


    1. Police Helicopters Over Brooklyn
    2. The Jack-O-Lantern
    3. There Are People in the Clouds
    4. Bomb Me
    5. Dracula Bite
    6. White Dove
    7. Blown Away
    8. Howling at the Moon
    9. Sometimes
    10. The Door
    11. Last December
    12. The Diamond (Bonus Track)
    13. Rock n' Roll Forever (Bonus Track)
    14. Times Square 5:00 A.M. (Bonus Track)

    New York's the Sound of Urchin manage to borrow from rock's recent past to create a diverse, energetic album called The Diamond that more often than not feels inspired and sounds unique. Produced by Fountains of Wayne's own Adam Schlesinger, the disc gets off on the right note with "Police Helicopters Over Brooklyn," an homage to hot asphalt that pulls elements of the Foo Fighters and Pavement into the approach. Blistering rockers like "The Jack-O-Lantern" -- which features guest guitar by the band's manager, Twisted Sister's J.J. French -- and the Mudhoney-esque fury of "White Dove" take joyous flight, while the peculiarly funny "There Are People in the Clouds" seems to be inspired by Ween. When the Sound of Urchin -- singer/drummer Tomato 11, guitarists B. lll and Seahag, plus bassist Doo Doo Brown -- head into the hook-laden alt-pop terrain perfected by the likes of Schlesinger's band or, say, the Gigolo Aunts, they assert just how skilled they really are. The Sound of Urchin may be all over the map on The Diamond, but the band shines just the same.