BLACK CASTLE LP SET (LP, download card w/  8 bonus tracks, booklet)

BLACK CASTLE LP SET (LP, download card w/ 8 bonus tracks, booklet)

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The basic Black Castle LP Set comes with:

  • 11 Black Castle tracks remastered specially for vinyl.
  • A digital download card which includes 19 files, including:  
    • The full remastered Black Castle album.
    • And the bonus 8 track "The Crypt EP".
  • Black Castle lyric booklet.



  1. Follow The Hollow
  2. We're Gonna Build This House
  3. Thank You For All The Flowers
  4. Don't Make A Sound
  5. Drank Too Much Of The Potion
  6. I Saw It Wrong


  1. Fucking Disappointment
  2. The Forest Dark And Deep
  3. Dream Of Seaver
  4. Pet Cemetery
  5. Climbing Up That Mountain


  1. Spritzer
  2. Ferris Wheel
  3. August The 17th
  4. Leave The Day
  5. Isn't It Nice To Know Your Name
  6. What Would You Do If Somebody Called You A Name?
  7. Red Octopus > Pastel Tweed > Red Octopus
  8. Did U Take The Black Car

    Black Castle is the fourth full length SOU album.  It marks a change from the full band studio sessions that produced the first three albums.  Instead, it was recorded by Tomato over a period of years between tours and life, through various sessions with old Urchin producer and friend Keith Cleversley (Flaming Lips/Hum) in Chicago, longtime SOU soundman and historian Fred Moore in PA, and Matt Gill in Brooklyn;  As well as sessions at various homes, bedrooms, spaces, and situations.  The album also features more input from Jack Krause than in the past, who has been a behind the scenes Urchin collaborator since their inception.  

    Black Castle is a moody collection of songs, that are a personal culmination of the group’s life experiences since the dual guitar anthems of the “Rejoice” album and era.  It brings the Urchin full-circle back to their eclectic roots, but also represents new ground for the band, in songwriting ranging from quiet and sparse, like “Follow The Hollow” and “Climbing Up That Mountain”, to the outsider metal noise of songs like “We’re Gonna Build This House” and “Thank You For All The Flowers”.  But between that, lies Urchin’s penchant for pop hooks in songs like “Don’t Make A Sound” and “F*cking Disappointment”.

    This collection also comes with the bonus “The Crypt EP”, which features 8 unreleased songs from the Black Castle era.  This EP also represents a different, much mellower side of the Urchin, with acoustic tracks like "Ferris Wheel" and "August The 17th”.  But also gets further 'out there' than usual in psychedelic songs like “Red Octopus>Pastel Tweed>Red Octopus” and “Did U Take The Black Car”.  This EP also makes the first duets on record between Tomato and B-ILL, with “Spritzer” and “What Would You Do If Somebody Called You A Name?”.