You Are The Best Demos

The “You Are The Best” demos mark Tomato’s move from 4-track recording to pro tools, as he got his “apes on ice professional recording facilities” home studio up and running. The “King Crab” demos were the first SOU demos to be recorded in pro tools, and “King Crab” was also the working title, and set the vibe, for what was to become the “You Are The Best” album. All of the “You Are The Best” demos show the Urchin branching out into many different styles of music, and gave the inspiration for the “mix-tape” vibe and recording style that ended up becoming the album.

1) Fireflies on the 4th of July – from the King Crab Demos
2) The Black Dove – from the King Crab Demos
3) The Way to the Rain – from the King Crab Demos
4) Zen Magic Marker – from the King Crab Demos
5) Jack and Diane Part 2 – from the King Crab Demos
6) Skool Bus Skool Bus – from the King Crab Demos
7) Rock N’ Roll Jubilee – 4-Track Demo (2000-2001)
8) Scary Skull Eyes – 4-Track Demo (2000-2001)
9) Billy the Eagle – 4-Track Demo (2000-2001)
10) Let It Rain – 4-Track Demo (2000-2001)
11) Laying On Your Zeets – 4-Track Demo (2000-2001)
12) The Millipede/Who’ll Stop the Beggar – 4-Track Demo (2000-2001)
13) Alligator Swamp – 4-Track Demo (2000-2001)
14) The Clearing Hole – 4-Track Demo (2000-2001)
15) Cross the Cloud – 4-Track Demo (2000-2001)
16) The Alligator – 4-Track Demo (2000-2001)
17) Happy (Live Version) – 4-Track Demo (2000-2001)
18) Baby Blue – Unreleased 4-Track Demo (2000-2001)
19) Cuttin’ An Ice (Song O’ Roland) – Unreleased 4-Track Demo (2000-2001)
20) Knocked Down – Unreleased 4-Track Demo (2000-2001)