The WoozyFly Sessions

WoozyFly Sessions Front Cover

These special SOU recordings were recorded for a now-defunct company called WoozyFly, at JSM Studios in NYC in 2007/2008. WoozyFly would professionally record and film bands live in the studio without any overdubs, and then broadcast them online. It was a great concept that allowed people to hear and see bands in a completely different setting than on the stage or in produced studio recordings. These particular recordings truly capture the energy and essence of the 2007-2008 Urchin lineup as the well-oiled touring machine it was, and feature the essential SOU songs that were and still are played at most every show, as well as more obscure faves like “In Between” and “Disappointment Has Come Upon Me”. Also included here is the only time Rock n’ Roll Forever was played right into the Quiz Show Spy Jam, again showcasing the tightness and relentless energy of the band at that time.

…… 2007 ……
1) Dig
2) Jesse Tenser
3) Go To Your Room
4) Shake The Magic Eight Ball
5) Oh My God
…… 2008 ……
6) Disappointment Has Come Upon Me
7) I’m Not Surprised
8) In Between
9) Last December
10) Police Helicopters Over Brooklyn
11) The Door
12) White Dove
13) Zen Magic Marker
14) Rock n’ Roll Forever / Quiz Show Jam