Jack and Diane E.P. Deluxe

“The Jack and Diane e.p.” was a limited edition release by RCA Records in fall 2001 to get fans ready for the January 2002 full length “You Are The Best” release. The song “Jack and Diane Part 2” was recorded in March 2001 for the “King Crab” demos for the “You Are The Best” album, in Tomato’s home studio, “the apes on ice professional recording facilities”. The other three songs on the e.p. were recorded during the “You Are The Best” sessions in Spring 2001, produced by Keith Cleversley at his studio, The Playground, in Chicago. The 4-track demos on this version have never been heard before, outside of the band themselves, and are Tomato’s 4-track demos of songs for the e.p., and songs from that period that have never been re-recorded or released at this point.

1) Jack and Diane Part 2
2) Carbondale
3) In Between
4) The Heater
5) Watch Out for the Freaks
– 4-Track Demo (2000)
6) In Between – 4-Track Demo (2000)
7) The Heater – 4-Track Demo (2000)
8) Rite to Fire – Unreleased 4-Track (2000)
9) All the Way Back Home – Unreleased 4-Track (2000)
10) Upwards – Unreleased 4-Track (2000)
11) Lizard Down – Unreleased 4-Track (2000)