The Diamond Demos

The Diamond Demos are some of the most interesting, as far as SOU demos go. By this time, Tomato had a good handle on home recording through his “apes on ice professional recording facilities” home studio. So, these recordings don’t necessarily have demo quality. Instead, they are valid studio quality recordings of the songs, but are also much different approaches than the band versions that appear on “The Diamond” album. Some of the songs, like “There Are People in the Clouds” and “Last December” have completely different instrumentation and vibe. This CD also includes some songs from “pre-Urchin Tomato” that ended up being re-recorded for “The Diamond”, including a 1985 young Tomato version of “I Left” that was recorded by Tomato and friend Mike Novak via cassette-to-cassette overdubbing.

1) Police Helicopters Over Brooklyn
2) The Jack O’ Lantern
3) There Are People in the Clouds
4) Bomb Me
5) Dracula Bite
6) Pantene Pro-V
7) Blown Away
8) Howling at the Moon
– 4-Track Demo (2000)
9) Howling at the Moon
10) Bright White Light
– Sometimes 4-Track Demo (1994)
11) Sometimes
12) Home/The Door
– 4-Track Demo (1995)
13) The Door
14) Last December
15) Warrior Chant/Miami Vice
16) Warrior Chant
– 4-Track Demo (2000)
17) Miami Vice – 4-Track Demo (2000)
18) I Left – 1985 Cassette Recording