All That and a Brandy Alexander E.P.

This never released e.p. was the one that started it all for the Urchin. Recorded by Tomato and producer Barbie Smooth in 1998, only 1,000 CDs were pressed and given out at the early shows. The CDs were passed around and duped and helped create the excitement that jump-started the band’s hardcore fan base and life in this world. The CD features the legendary song intros by Black Sebabbit, as well as the original version of the Urchin classic “Space Station on the 4, 5 & 6” and the only studio recording of “Green Green Gold”.

1) Briceskating
2) Bat’s Taxi
3) Space Station on the 4,5, & 6″
4) Quiz Show Spy
5) At the Barbeque
6) Green Green Gold